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For information about the Sullied Sediments project, contact:

Project Lead
Professor Jeanette Rotchell
University of Hull 
(+44)1482 465333 

Project Coordinator
Annabel Hanson
East & North Yorkshire Waterways Partnership
(+44)1482 391678

Sullied Sediments' final newsletter published

19 March 2021 - Published by Annabel Hanson
Please have a look to find out how you can access our research outputs online and read some reflections about the project.

The Sullied Sediments Project Lead, Jeanette Rotchell, and Project Coordinator, Annabel Hanson, are pleased to announce the publication of our final newsletter for the Sullied Sediments project:

Sullied Sediments Newsletter - Issue 7 - March 2021

As the project partnership prepares to submit its final reports to the Joint Secretariat, this final edition of our newsletter lets readers know how they can access for free the research outputs that have been created through the project. These outputs include an extensive database comprising data on ecotoxicity, chemical contaminants, sediment properties and biological community status that were gathered during 18 sampling surveys in three river catchments over the course of 30 months. The database and information about how to use it can be found here:

The newsletter also promotes our online publications library where you will find 12 publications developed by the various work packages. A brief description of each report, along with a link to the full document, can be accessed here:

In addition, we have taken the opportunity to share some reflections from our experience of working within such a talented partnership in this final issue, including some fun facts about what partners have been doing outside of the project.

We hope you enjoy this last read.

Thank you very much for your interest.