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For information about the Sullied Sediments project, contact:

Project Lead
Professor Jeanette Rotchell
University of Hull 
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Annabel Hanson
East & North Yorkshire Waterways Partnership
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Sullied Sediments' communications package developed

21 December 2018 - Published by Annabel Hanson
Sullied Sediments' communications package developed

The Sullied Sediments partnership has produced a creative and informative range of communications tools to help us promote and talk about the project. This set of tools includes a leaflet which provides an overview of the project, sets out the results and outputs we are working to achieve and identifies what organisations are involved in the project and the core values that underpin our collaboration. We have also created a flow diagram that illustrates how our three core work packages interrelate. As a reminder, these work packages focus on the better assessment, treatment and prevention of contamination in the sediments in our watercourses. In addition, we now have a map that identifies the river catchments in which we are active and where we are focusing our sediment sampling activities. All of these tools are available in our output library or for download here.

As we enter the last 15 months of our project, we will be organising and attending a variety of academic and industry events to explain what our project is all about and share our learning and findings. These communications tools will be invaluable to help us present our project professionally and clearly. More about these outreach and dissemination events will be communicated in the coming months. In the meantime, if you  have any comments or questions about these tools or our project, please contact us.