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For information about the Sullied Sediments project, contact:

Project Lead
Professor Jeanette Rotchell
University of Hull 
(+44)1482 465333 

Project Coordinator
Annabel Hanson
East & North Yorkshire Waterways Partnership
(+44)1482 391678


Sullied Sediments is developing and testing new tools to better assess, treat and prevent contamination from certain pollutants that can be found in the sediments in our waterways.

This project delivers better assessment, better treatment and better prevention of contamination in pilot NSR waterways by the new EU 'Watch List' (WL) chemicals, emerging drugs, and nutrients, which are not subject to EU monitoring laws until 2020, but are building up in sediments in these waterways. Regulatory authorities do not know their levels, locations or impacts. Nor do they have the tools to assess sediments and make management decisions with regard to such chemicals. 

Through Work Package (WP) 3 - Sediment Assessment, this project will provide the tools for sediment assessment in order to enable better risk assessment and reduce economic costs. 

In WP4 - Clean-Up, this project will pilot innovative spore technology to remove selected WL chemicals at waste-water treatment plants (WWTPs) in order to bring about a reduction in their levels. Including an end-of-waste assessment approach, using WP3 and WP4-delivered data, will also promote future sediment re-use.

One way that WL chemicals enter our waterways is through consumer use of everyday products. Through WP5 - Changing Behaviour, this project will target citizen behaviour to reduce the levels of specific WL chemicals arriving at WWTPs in pilot catchments. 

This project will therefore provide and validate new tools to assess, treat and prevent WL chemical contamination of the NSR waterways by bringing together scientific experts and regulators in a transnational partnership to address what is a transnational problem.