Before & after the event

22 June 2023 - Published by Deirdre Buist
Before the Stronghouse Final Conference on 6th June, all partners had the opportunity to grab the spotlight, ‘shine’ and share their Stronghouse story and the value of participating in this Interreg North Sea collaboration – on film. For many this was a very new experience, but with great professional guidance, we can say that the results and visuals created for this communication campaign are something the consortium can be proud of.


Partners communicate their Stronghouse stories 

The day after

Following the final conference, day two of the meeting provided an opportunity to visit the projects in Drenthe and connect with more regional stakeholders in the energy sector.

Energy entrepreneurs

First stop on the tour was Noordenveld where we saw  great examples of innovative energy entrepreneurship during a visit to a local solar panel production company (quite unique in Europe) and a sustainable insulation business offering effective solutions for energy efficiency. Moreover, Daniel van der Kleij of Drents EnergieLoket (DEL)  proudly showed off the information kiosk, co-funded by Stronghouse, used for communicating with stakeholders and homeowners at multiple locations and and in various situations. The upcycled and compact stall is an eye-catcher at markets, conferences and neighbourhood events - an ideal, flexible tool to attract and engage with those seeking energy-related advice. DEL is one of Stronghouse’s  top scorers in terms of results.


Partner's study visit to the municipality of Noordenveld

Neighbourhood approach

Councillor for the Municipality of Noordenveld, Kirsten Ipema, warmly welcomed the group at the innovative Health Hub in Roden. Here we heard all about the municipalities successes, lessons learned and future plans in terms of the neighbourhood approach to energy renovation from Roy Stavenga. Partners were pleased to grab this moment to interact and exchange views as the project reaches its closure.

Last stop, last day, last meeting

Last stop was in the city of Hoogeveen, where the group  were offered a front seat view at the Hydrogen Tiny House. Bert Scheper explained the innovative hydrogen home-heating project, managed with colleague Kees Boer, now underway in the Erflanden neighbourhood. He was assisted by René Wit (who described the technicalities and installation process of H2 boilers) and Alco Otten of the Alfa College Vocational School. Alco shared insights into the value of the  H2 Tiny House, not just as a practical learning environment for his students, but also as a communication tool to really engage with the local citizens.


Viewing the Hydrogen Tiny House in the municipality of Hoogeveen

Lunch & launch

The Stronghouse visit to Drenthe ended with a last lunch  together, during which the project’s exciting film campaign was officially launched.

With great gratitude to the project management team, all partners and stakeholders for their contributions and cooperation!  

Check out this great video playlist starring the Stronghouse partners. Together they relate the project’s legacy.