Designing a Municipal Heating Transition Vision

12 July 2021

The energy transition is one of the greatest challenges of our time. Government authorities play a major role in translating the international climate agreements (Paris) to both a regional and a loca…

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We are not Alone! Interreg, Sustainable Building & Retrofit

01 July 2021

As the tight leash of pandemic lockdowns begins to slacken, our ambition for a sustainable energy future does not. The challenges we are now facing can seem daunting and are undeniably very complex. …

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Co-creating a Liveable Future - Inspired by New European Bauhaus

29 June 2021

Stronghouse connects energy renovation to the needs and drivers of individual homeowners, combining the call for sustainability with the desire for improved and healthier future living. While continuo…

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Stronghouse at Dutch Annual Sustainable Building Congress

28 June 2021

On Thursday July 1st, our partners from the Municipality of Noordenveld will introduce the Stronghouse project and share their neighbourhood approach to energy renovation from the perspective of indi…

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Meet the Partners: The Municipality of Hoogeveen

22 June 2021

In terms of energy transition and the Renovation Wave, the Municipality of Hoogeveen in Drenthe is pretty pioneering! With the project extension, Stronghouse partners are very happy to welcome this no…

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The Hydrogen Potential – an innovative Stronghouse pilot

22 June 2021

As a result of the recent news that Stronghouse has received an extension, the project can now build on its existing capacity, with five new partners. Concretely this means the consortium can undertak…

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Stronghouse is awarded extension

15 June 2021

We are very pleased to announce that the Stronghouse project has been awarded a project extension in Call 12 by the Steering Committee of the Interreg NSR Programme. For the partnership this is appre…

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Annual Expedition for Energy-Neutral Living in Drenthe

14 June 2021

In just 20 years the current fossil energy consumption will be history. The Dutch Province of Drenthe, together with its stakeholders, is aiming for one joint goal and that is energy-neutral living i…

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Stronghouse – Making Significant Progress

03 June 2021

With the recent approval of the second Stronghouse progress report, we are very pleased to establish that our project is achieving significant successes! The redesign and improvement of renovation su…

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First Date – an online bilateral

20 May 2021

As part of the Stronghouse project, partners Noordenveld and IGEMO recently connected in an online bilateral exchange – a first date. This virtual matchmaking was designed to investigate what more …

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