COP26 & Stronghouse – A Shared Mission

02 November 2021

With the launch of the CPO26 summit in Glasgow on October 31st, the world is extra focussed on the urgent need for climate action. Besides the enormity of the challenges we face, there are also inspir…

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Stronghouse and BLING. What's the connection?

26 October 2021

On 25th October, Stronghouse partners tasked with green financing connected with a number of representatives from BLING (Blockchain in Government) to discuss synergies and cross-overs. Shared practice…

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Energy Poverty

19 October 2021

As prices for gas and electricity soar sky high, the latest energy crisis is directly impacting a significant number of homes across Europe. Energy bills continue to rise – the Netherlands calculate…

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Surf along on the Renovation Wave

12 October 2021

Almost a hundred Dutch energy professionals got up to speed about the European Renovation Wave on 9 September. What does this European Commission strategy mean for Dutch neighborhoods and districts? H…

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ProjectZero combines extensive knowledge

11 October 2021

We must speed up the pace of renovation of existing buildings if we are to achieve our climate goals. One important aspect of working together in a European context is that this acceleration is booste…

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Exchanging Experience – Stronghouse and EMPOWER2.0

06 October 2021

Many parties from different countries are cooperating within EU projects, learning from each other while co-developing solutions for the major challenges we are currently facing. Stronghouse is not t…

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Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference - Have you registered? _

21 September 2021

A reminder to all Stronghouse stakeholders - ProjectZero is organizing a 2-day international online event on 28 - 29 September. You can still join the Sonderborg Climate Neutrality Conference whic…

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Review of Existing Energy Retrofit Decision Tools for Homeowners

20 September 2021

As part of the Stronghouse project, our knowledge partners at the Robert Gordon University (RGU) have recently produced a detailed review of existing energy-retrofit tools for homeowners. We are proud…

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Meet the Partners – E.ON Customer Solutions

20 September 2021

E.ON Customer Solutions closes our line-up of Stronghouse partners. Last, but certainly not least. As a major player in the world of energy transition, E.ON needs little introduction. This internation…

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Meet the Partners - H2BX

08 September 2021

When introducing Stronghouse partner H2BX, the name may seem a little cryptic, but this organization stands for hydrogen (H2) in the Bremerhaven (BX) region. Hydrogen and fuel-cell technology is hot a…

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