Mixed Reality – a retrofit revolution!

30 March 2022

Stronghouse knowledge partners from the Robert Gordon University (RGU) are driving a real retrofit revolution as they combine virtual and physical realities into one space. Mixed Reality (MR) offers a…

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Stronghouse E-learning – Let’s get started!

22 March 2022

We recently announced the imminent launch of the Stronghouse E-learning Courses, co-created by the Stronghouse consortium. These courses identify the various stages of the Customer Journey towards en…

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Launching the Stronghouse E-learning Courses

16 March 2022

Great news from our colleagues at atene KOM GmbH! With just some last minute fine-tuning to do, we are almost ready to launch the first of ten Stronghouse E-learning courses. This training has been co…

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Hoogeveen's Tiny Hydrogen House

08 March 2022

The Dutch Municipality of Hoogeveen in Drenthe is retrofitting some 427 houses in the Erflanden neighbourhood, switching the heating source from natural gas to green hydrogen. By installing hydroge…

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Redesigning the ‘Check my Home’ platform

08 March 2022

At the most recent online Stronghouse PM, our Flemish partners from the City of Ghent and IGEMO presented an update on (Check my Home) which is being redesigned within the context of t…

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Stronghouse Customer Relations Management Workshop

07 March 2022

During the course of the Stronghouse project, we have discovered the value of workshops dealing with a particular topic related to the consortium’s work supporting homeowners energy renovation journey…

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RGU introduces innovative Post Graduate Retrofit Course

24 February 2022

Great news from our Stronghouse knowledge and research partners, The Scott Sutherland School of Architecture & Built Environment, at Robert Gordon University (RGU). Their new post-graduate course to i…

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Stronghouse - News Nuggets from Drenthe

21 February 2022

The Province of Drenthe, Stronghouse Lead Beneficiary, is working closely with an extensive network of parties and stakeholders, including other partners in Drenthe from the Municipalities of Noordenv…

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Energy Poverty & the Renovation Wave

09 February 2022

It is no news that Europeans are being confronted with rising energy prices, fuel bills and inflation. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), there has been a 600% increase in European g…

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RGU reviews retrofit policies & building strategies

07 February 2022

There are many inherited challenges and barriers in meeting our carbon reduction targets by 2050. Technical research shows there is a great opportunity to achieve these through strategic, mass-scale p…

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