A behavioural conundrum & the sense of agency

09 November 2022

Why do we do what we do…and why do we not do what we know we should be doing? This behavioural conundrum is at the heart of much economic, sociological, and psychological research. Such studies can in…

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H2 Tiny House - an inspiring meeting space

08 November 2022

During a monthly meeting to discuss regional progress and extra opportunities for shared learnings on a transnational level, the Drenthe partners in Stronghouse met up in a more inspiring setting tha…

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Supporting energy renovations in Roeselare’s Krottegem Neighbourhood

31 October 2022

On 13th October, the City of Roeselare kicked off their energy renovation project in the Krottegem neighbourhood with an informative gathering , specially organized for residents in the area. The Cit…

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RGU create and evaluate new online retrofit tool

25 October 2022

In the UK, many renovation projects fail because inappropriate retrofit solutions have been implemented. This has resulted in issues with dampness, mould and more - often leaving houses in a worse co…

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Noordenveld connects at the Energy Market Rolderwolde

11 October 2022

On 17th September, the latest in a series of Energy Markets was organized by the Municipality of Noordenveld in Roderwolde. This event, under the shade of a traditional windmill and landmark in the r…

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Spreading the word on hydrogen heating

07 October 2022

The Stronghouse pilot on hydrogen heating in Hoogeveen was showcased at the Wind Meets Gas Conference on 5th October. This high-profile hydrogen and offshore energy conference in the Northern Netherl…

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Stronghouse in Sønderborg - investigating district heating

05 October 2022

The Stronghouse partners came together again in Sønderborg on 27th – 28th September. Denmark, with a sturdy tradition in district heating, is the place to be as we all look for immediate alternatives …

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Roeselare is in the hood – an energizing holistic approach

12 September 2022

Eating or heating - it sounds dramatic. But as fuel and energy costs rise exponentially, many people across Europe are facing the real threat of energy poverty this winter. This daunting challenge re…

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Stronghouse E-Learning - Becoming Aware

05 September 2022

The news headlines remind us, almost daily, of climate change and the energy crisis. The urgency to find energy efficient solutions and speed up the renovation wave is omnipresent. As politicians di…

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Step-by-step retrofit - RGU's latest study

05 September 2022

The UK has one of the least energy-efficient housing stocks in Europe. By 2030, the emissions from homes need to fall dramatically if the UK is to meet its ambitious goal of net-zero. As part of the S…

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