We Need Users! - Stronghouse App tracks energy efficiency

29 March 2021

Yes, it's here! The free Stronghouse App, developed by our partners at the University of Vechta to measure home-energy use, was launched during the environment week organized by districts Vechta and t…

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Stad Roeselare – Sharing is caring

24 March 2021

Stad Roeselare is on a mission to create a future-proof environment, and citizen participation is key. As part of their strategy, the Municipality also develops and co-creates a wealth of innovative i…

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Stronghouse presents at Climate Event Bremerhaven

23 March 2021

On 18th March Project Coordinator Hein Braaksma presented the Stronghouse project online during the Arbeitskreis “Klimaschutzmaßnahmen” Bremerhaven. This workshop, under the broader theme of climat…

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Meet the Partners: University of Vechta

15 March 2021

What motivates people to make that move towards a sustainable living environment and actually invest in the energy renovation of their homes? Idealism, money, fear of missing out or keeping up with th…

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Let’s Make it Personal

04 March 2021

How effective are the energy-saving measures taken by homeowners and how do we calculate the results? A recent post by Amar Bennadji of the Robert Gordon University on a social media platform revealed…

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Energetic youths scan the neighbourhood

02 March 2021

Within the framework of Stronghouse our Belgian partner supports eight municipalities in the energy renovation of their homes through the one-stop citizen service platform Stekr. Amongst other things,…

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The Climate Mile Alte Bürger

22 February 2021

A long-cherished project of the Climate City Office Bremerhaven is now starting. With Stronghouse support and a step by step approach to their goal of climate neutrality, they've taken a real leap fo…

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Meet the Partners: The City of Bremerhaven

18 February 2021

With the urban masterplan for active climate policy, Bremerhaven has declared climate protection to be a task of general public interest and is also claiming the title of “Climate City”. Climate City …

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Recommended Read - Financial Barriers to Climate & Comfort Renovations

08 February 2021

Empirical analyses show that most owners finance renovation projects with their own resources and carry them out step by step over time. Climate renovations are not a priority for all owners - many wa…

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The ProjectZero Way – engaging tips

31 January 2021

In the transition to sustainable, energy-efficient living, Stronghouse supports the needs and wants of individual homeowners and neighbourhoods by relating to their motivations through Personas and Cu…

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