The Stronghouse Hydrogen Tour

02 May 2023

On 29th and 30th March, the Stronghouse project focus was on hydrogen applications in the built environment. The recent Stronghouse Hydrogen Tour in the Northern Netherlands and Bremerhaven, organize…

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Highlighting Stronghouse successes

01 May 2023

The Stronghouse project is nearing completion and it's safe to say that the project has really been hitting home in this last phase! Enabling instruments have been developed, implemented and continue …

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SAVE THE DATE - The Stronghouse Final Conference

24 April 2023

Take note and save the date! Are you a stakeholder in the energy renovation sector? We are happy to announce that the Stronghouse Final Conference will be held on 6th June in the province of Drenthe, …

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Targeted measures for individual homes

17 April 2023

Recent EU climate policy proposals risk raising the number of energy poor. Findings suggest that more tailored interventions are needed to help individuals lower energy bills and facilitate practica…

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Stronghouse Hydrogen Tour

07 April 2023

On 29th and 30th March, the Stronghouse project focus was on hydrogen applications in the built environment.

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Stronghouse E-Learning 4 – Let’s get to work!

05 April 2023

The latest stage of the Stronghouse E-learning course is now available! This training material improves the professionals’ understanding of support for homeowners who are ready to take action regard…

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Action for change made easier - the One-Stop-Shop

31 March 2023

The latest IPCC report on climate change underscores the urgency of taking more ambitious action to reduce CO2 emissions. Taking the right action now could result in the transformational change essen…

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That's a first - thermal scanning with drones!

07 March 2023

There’s more hot news from our Flemish partners! IGEMO,Roeselare and Vives University of Applied Sciences have collaborated in a number of neighbourhoods in the city of Roeselare and Sint-Katelijne Wa…

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Thermal scans are hot right now!

02 March 2023

Co-funded by Stronghouse, Flemish partners from the intercommunal authority IGEMO have developed an information platform for citizens relating to energy use in the home. Stekr provides transparent cu…

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Laying a solid foundation for the energy transition

22 February 2023

Let’s not forget context and relevance. The past year has been a turbulent one in terms of energy supplies and soaring prices. Following a wide range of emergency measures to protect the most vulnera…

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