Meet the Partners: FORS A/S & Green Pulse

11 November 2020

FORS A/S is a Danish regional utility provider and another co-beneficiary under the guidance of Gate 21 in the Stronghouse project. Within the framework of ‘Green Pulse’, FORS promotes energy renovati…

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Meet the Partners: Fredensborg Municipality

10 November 2020

As a co-beneficiary in Stronghouse, Fredensborg Municipality is looking for the most effective ways to renovate their building stock with a view to a zero-emissions future for their community. Togethe…

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Local Energy Cooperatives: bottom-up is key

05 November 2020

The Dutch Municipality of Noordenveld in Drenthe is eager to take major steps towards creating a sustainable living environment in their village. This can only succeed with the support of the local in…

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Project Progress – Part 1

03 November 2020

With great enthusiasm and a shared urgency, the Stronghouse partners embarked on an energetic journey of transnational cooperation and exchange at the beginning of 2020. As often with such joint unde…

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Meet the Partners: iNudgeyou

02 November 2020

Energy renovation is an essential part of the Danish ambitions for the reduction of C02 emissions in the coming years. So, it’s no surprise that Denmark is well represented in the Stronghouse consorti…

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Meet the Partners: Albertlsund Municipality

29 October 2020

The Municipality of Albertslund is one of the co-beneficiaries within the Danish (sub)partnership of the Stronghouse project . While Gate 21 takes care of management, the Municipality will focus on w…

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Meet the Partners: Gate 21 & Co

27 October 2020

Gate 21 is a partnership for green transition. This organization brings regions, municipalities, companies, and knowledge Institutions in Greater Copenhagen together to develop and demonstrate ways to…

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Riding the Renovation Wave

21 October 2020

During his presentation of the State of the Energy Union on 14th October, Frans Timmermans -Vice-President for the European Commissioner and Executive Vice president for the Green Deal - officially la…

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Meet the Partners: Orkney Islands Council

20 October 2020

Orkney Islands Council has significant experience in developing and coordinating energy poverty and energy efficiency projects. While EU financing for renewable energy sources and national funding may…

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ProjectZero - Engaging with stakeholders

19 October 2020

On October 7th ProjectZero hosted a meeting directed at craftsmen and technical installers - important stakeholders on our energy renovation journey. It was the third of a series this year, whereby P…

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