Meet the Partners: The University of Gothenburg

06 January 2021

As partner in the Stronghouse project, the University of Gothenburg will participate in co-designing an online self-assessment tool. This tool will support individual homeowners looking into energy re…

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Warm wishes for 2021!

04 January 2021

On behalf of the Stronghouse partnership, the warmest wishes for 2021! Our New Year's resolution is pretty clear. The consortium is committed to continuing its course towards a more sustainable futur…

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Meet the Partners: Spring

08 December 2020

Spring is a digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, where an international pool of creative, technical and business-oriented talent works on the co-design of innovative IT solutions for societal is…

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Doing our Homework – Public Private Partnership

03 December 2020

The European Green Deal (2020) provides the vision and the political framework to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent. Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans remarked - during h…

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Meet the Partners: Linnaeus University

01 December 2020

Open, creative minds are needed for the design and implementation of sustainable innovations to improve C02 reductions and resource efficiency. As Stronghouse partner Linnaeus University says: “Open …

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Regional Events: Belgian seminar on district energy renovation

26 November 2020

In order to reach the climate goals for 2050, Belgium must invest heavily in energy renovation, amongst other things. This means retro-fitting more than 100,000 houses annually. Such a challenge requi…

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Meet the Partners: The City of Roeselare

25 November 2020

The fast-growing City of Roeselare, in the heart of West-Flanders, has a mission to be leading in the development of smart, sustainable and innovative initiatives to create a future-proof living envir…

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Noordenveld Neighbourhoods - Work in progress

19 November 2020

Noordenveld is fast on the way to becoming a climate and future-proof community. Stronghouse is all about sustainable housing and strong communities and that is what the Municipality of Noordenveld …

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Defining Neighbourhoods with GIS

19 November 2020

Belgian partner IGEMO supports local authorities and homeowners in six different municipalities to reduce C02 emissions and implement energy-saving measures. Within the context of Stronghouse this int…

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Questionnaire to Compare

16 November 2020

Last September the Dutch partners at the Province of Drenthe and the Municipality of Noordenveld reflected on a recent paper by the Netherlands Environmental Assessment Agency which concluded that ene…

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