Let’s Make it Personal

04 March 2021

How effective are the energy-saving measures taken by homeowners and how do we calculate the results? A recent post by Amar Bennadji of the Robert Gordon University on a social media platform revealed…

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Energetic youths scan the neighbourhood

02 March 2021

Within the framework of Stronghouse our Belgian partner supports eight municipalities in the energy renovation of their homes through the one-stop citizen service platform Stekr. Amongst other things,…

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The Climate Mile Alte Bürger

22 February 2021

A long-cherished project of the Climate City Office Bremerhaven is now starting. With Stronghouse support and a step by step approach to their goal of climate neutrality, they've taken a real leap fo…

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Meet the Partners: The City of Bremerhaven

18 February 2021

With the urban masterplan for active climate policy, Bremerhaven has declared climate protection to be a task of general public interest and is also claiming the title of “Climate City”. Climate City …

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Recommended Read - Financial Barriers to Climate & Comfort Renovations

08 February 2021

Empirical analyses show that most owners finance renovation projects with their own resources and carry them out step by step over time. Climate renovations are not a priority for all owners - many wa…

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The ProjectZero Way – engaging tips

31 January 2021

In the transition to sustainable, energy-efficient living, Stronghouse supports the needs and wants of individual homeowners and neighbourhoods by relating to their motivations through Personas and Cu…

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Municipality buys Local Energy

18 January 2021

Drenthe believes in the power of staying local - and the power of the people doing it for themselves. The Municipality of Noordenveld now buys 15% of its green electricity from the local Energy Coope…

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Meet the Partners: Vives University College

13 January 2021

The pandemic has made it very clear. We're living in a world with major challenges - on a social, economic, cultural, technological, ecological and political level. And we are interdependant. Now mo…

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The Deep Renovation Market – an analysis

11 January 2021

While energy renovation is key for sustainable development, the rate of deep renovation in residential buildings in Europe must be accelerated if we are to meet our agreed climate and energy goals. St…

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New Year, Renewed Energy

07 January 2021

As 2021 kicks off with strict socializing limitations, peaks and pressures, the Stronghouse partners continue to invest - with renewed energy and commitment - in a brighter, warmer and more powerful f…

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