Meet the Partners: Albertlsund Municipality

29 October 2020

The Municipality of Albertslund is one of the co-beneficiaries within the Danish (sub)partnership of the Stronghouse project . While Gate 21 takes care of management, the Municipality will focus on w…

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Meet the Partners: Gate 21 & Co

27 October 2020

Gate 21 is a partnership for green transition. This organization brings regions, municipalities, companies, and knowledge Institutions in Greater Copenhagen together to develop and demonstrate ways to…

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Riding the Renovation Wave

21 October 2020

During his presentation of the State of the Energy Union on 14th October, Frans Timmermans -Vice-President for the European Commissioner and Executive Vice president for the Green Deal - officially la…

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Meet the Partners: Orkney Islands Council

20 October 2020

Orkney Islands Council has significant experience in developing and coordinating energy poverty and energy efficiency projects. While EU financing for renewable energy sources and national funding may…

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ProjectZero - Engaging with stakeholders

19 October 2020

On October 7th ProjectZero hosted a meeting directed at craftsmen and technical installers - important stakeholders on our energy renovation journey. It was the third of a series this year, whereby P…

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Meet the Partners: Robert Gordon University

19 October 2020

Robert Gordon University in Aberdeen is a highly recognized Scottish knowledge institute and an important partner for the Stronghouse project. Together we aim to contribute to real changes for the fu…

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Fun & Serious Games in Bremerhaven

28 September 2020

During the 1st Energy & Climate City Day Bremerhaven on 13th of September, the Stronghouse project used serious gaming to connect with and inform the public about smart ways towards energy savings. A…

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Cost Neutral Energy Renovation: A Holy Grail?

22 September 2020

How can we stimulate and enable homeowners to energy renovate their homes? Effective, enabling instruments are the holy grail that many policymakers and Stronghouse partners are looking for. Therefore…

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Cooperating & Corona

17 September 2020

On 16th September the Stronghouse partners met once again - for the second time online. The North Sea Region Programme, celebrating 30 years of European cooperation this year, asks:What does European …

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Bremerhaven Energy and Climate City Day

10 September 2020

Meet the Stronghouse partners from the City of Bremerhaven, Vechta University and atene KOM during the 1st Bremerhaven Energy and Climate City Day taking place on 13th September 2020.

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