All About the Money?

29 April 2021

As part of the renovation wave, Stronghouse continues to focus on engaging stakeholders, creating and facilitating innovative approaches, tools and services. Accessible financial instruments seem to b…

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Drenthe's succes with Energy Webinars

22 April 2021

The Province of Drenthe, Lead Partner in Stronghouse, plays an important role in the implementation of the Drents Energieloket initiative. The Energieloket platform has been developed to provide homeo…

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Complementarity & COBEN

21 April 2021

Every new project is an opportunity to learn, to figure out problems and challenges, to invent and reinvent – not the wheel, but perspective. One of the self-set tasks in the Stronghouse project is t…

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Climate skills for SMEs

15 April 2021

During the month of March, ProjectZero held several webinars to raise awareness amongst companies and help them to calculate their climate footprint. Now the focus has shifted and the latest courses …

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Spring’s Sustainability Survey

15 April 2021

Stronghouse is developing tools to drive green home improvements. As part of the design process, our partners at Spring – Swedish digital and technical innovators - are currently researching different…

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A Meeting of Minds

14 April 2021

On 8th April Stronghouse partners from research and knowledge institutes participated in an online work session to exchange ideas, update each other on activities and jointly explore further potential…

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We Need Users! - Stronghouse App tracks energy efficiency

29 March 2021

Yes, it's here! The free Stronghouse App, developed by our partners at the University of Vechta to measure home-energy use, was launched during the environment week organized by districts Vechta and t…

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Stad Roeselare – Sharing is caring

24 March 2021

Stad Roeselare is on a mission to create a future-proof environment, and citizen participation is key. As part of their strategy, the Municipality also develops and co-creates a wealth of innovative i…

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Stronghouse presents at Climate Event Bremerhaven

23 March 2021

On 18th March Project Coordinator Hein Braaksma presented the Stronghouse project online during the Arbeitskreis “Klimaschutzmaßnahmen” Bremerhaven. This workshop, under the broader theme of climat…

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Meet the Partners: University of Vechta

15 March 2021

What motivates people to make that move towards a sustainable living environment and actually invest in the energy renovation of their homes? Idealism, money, fear of missing out or keeping up with th…

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