The ProjectZero Way – engaging tips

31 January 2021

In the transition to sustainable, energy-efficient living, Stronghouse supports the needs and wants of individual homeowners and neighbourhoods by relating to their motivations through Personas and Cu…

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Municipality buys Local Energy

18 January 2021

Drenthe believes in the power of staying local - and the power of the people doing it for themselves. The Municipality of Noordenveld now buys 15% of its green electricity from the local Energy Coope…

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Meet the Partners: Vives University College

13 January 2021

The pandemic has made it very clear. We're living in a world with major challenges - on a social, economic, cultural, technological, ecological and political level. And we are interdependant. Now mo…

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The Deep Renovation Market – an analysis

11 January 2021

While energy renovation is key for sustainable development, the rate of deep renovation in residential buildings in Europe must be accelerated if we are to meet our agreed climate and energy goals. St…

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New Year, Renewed Energy

07 January 2021

As 2021 kicks off with strict socializing limitations, peaks and pressures, the Stronghouse partners continue to invest - with renewed energy and commitment - in a brighter, warmer and more powerful f…

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Meet the Partners: The University of Gothenburg

06 January 2021

As partner in the Stronghouse project, the University of Gothenburg will participate in co-designing an online self-assessment tool. This tool will support individual homeowners looking into energy re…

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Warm wishes for 2021!

04 January 2021

On behalf of the Stronghouse partnership, the warmest wishes for 2021! Our New Year's resolution is pretty clear. The consortium is committed to continuing its course towards a more sustainable futur…

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Meet the Partners: Spring

08 December 2020

Spring is a digital agency based in Stockholm, Sweden, where an international pool of creative, technical and business-oriented talent works on the co-design of innovative IT solutions for societal is…

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Doing our Homework – Public Private Partnership

03 December 2020

The European Green Deal (2020) provides the vision and the political framework to make Europe the world’s first climate-neutral continent. Executive Vice-President Frans Timmermans remarked - during h…

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Meet the Partners: Linnaeus University

01 December 2020

Open, creative minds are needed for the design and implementation of sustainable innovations to improve C02 reductions and resource efficiency. As Stronghouse partner Linnaeus University says: “Open …

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