Welcome to Stronghouse's website. Stronghouse is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

Energy transition

Stronghouse aims at sustainable housing for strong communities As part of the energy transition, Stronghouse analyses and redesigns measures to motivate and facilitate homeowners – individually and on a neighbourhood level – to invest in energy renovation/retrofitting their homes.

Enabling energy renovation

Stronghouse engages, enables and empowers homeowners and neighbourhoods to invest and reduce the environmental footprint of their homes. Stronghouse wants to support homeowners in their journey from initial interest, to planning, financing and contracting energy renovation. Therefore, Stronghouse develops, adjusts and redesigns measures that enable homeowners to invest, to organize scale and to gain access to services and products.

Focus on homeowners

This innovative focus on homeowner concerns reduces the footprint of 15,000 homes, generates a 100 million euro investment and 25 kiloton CO2 reduction. Stronghouse starts by analyzing existing instruments on their impact. By sharing, (re-)organizing and enhancing them with complementary tools, Stronghouse raises their impact and delivers four, related support measures:

  1. Instruments and tools that enable individual homeowners to invest in energy efficiency and renewable energies

  2. A neighbourhood-approach to organizing the necessary scale and drivers to invest

  3. Market access for regional SMEs specialized in energy renovation for individual homeowners

  4. Adoption strategies for implementing these instruments, approach and market access

Latest Project News

Sonderborg to host IEA Conference 2022 on Energy Efficiency

18 January 2022

In June 2022, the International Energy Agency (IEA) will hold its 7th international conference on energy efficiency - this time in Sonderborg! Improvi…

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Explaining the Stronghouse approach

12 January 2022

In the coming years, citizens and communities will play a crucial role in the energy transtion. Within the North Sea Region, Stronghouse supports sus…

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Stronghouse - Warmest Seasonal Greetings

21 December 2021

As another extraordinary year approaches closure, the Stronghouse partners would like to wish all followers, stakeholders and sustainable energy-minde…

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Designing Awareness

16 December 2021

How do you design an effective communication campaign to engage and activate homeowners regarding energy renovation? On 15th December, the Stronghouse…

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Things are heating up in Sonderborg

02 December 2021

A ‘news nugget’ from wintery Denmark. Despite the recent heavy snowfall, the latest results from Sonderborg indicate that, in terms of retrofit, thin…

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