A 'people’s bus' as a living lab pilot in the city of Rinteln, Germany.

11 September 2020 - Published by Kraftvaerk
The city of Rinteln wants to improve the mobility from the different districts of the city to the hospital as a pilot in the Interreg NSR Stronger Combined project. One option could be a 'people's bus'. The following animation explains the concept of a 'people's bus' from the city district of Möllenbeck to the hospital in Vehlen.

In the city of Rinteln, the Stronger Combined project focuses on a pilot to improve the mobility of the districts of Rinteln to the new hospital in Vehlen and the former hospital in Rinteln. There are already public transport services to both hospitals, but these are not often used. Many people, especially seniors, describe them as insufficient.

One way to enhance the situation is to start a public 'people's bus' for the rides to the hospitals. In this small video the district of Möllenbeck has been chosen as an example of the possible use of a public bus. It shows how much easier, faster and more personal a journey with a city bus to the hospital in Vehlen would be.

The city of Rinteln has been participating in the three-year project Stronger Combined, co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme, since January 2019.