Pilot for ID based Ticketing in south Sweden

25 September 2020 - Published by Philippe Martens

Hallandstrafiken (HAL) is the public transport authority (PTA) of the county of Halland in Sweden. In an ongoing ticketing project HAL will implement and introduce a new ID based solution for ticket sales and ticket validation allowing interoperability between mobility providers.

In Stronger Combined Hallandstrafiken is contributing with an open data pilot - ID-based ticketing for borderless combined mobility - demonstrating an ID based ticketing solution which will allow identity holders to pay for public transport in all associated regions. The ID-based ticketing builds on an open standard and specifications (BoB) and on data standardisation provided by Samtrafiken AB in Sweden (Samtrafiken is a Swedish Public Transport branch organisation).

At the moment Hallandstrafiken is implementing the new Ticketing System based on the BoB standards and part of the system has been launched. The aim for Hallandstrafiken is to conduct the pilot during the fall of 2020.