Several trips have been made with strangers in Lihme

14 December 2021 - Published by Philippe Martens
Normally one does not ride with strangers, but since the carpooling app Nabogo launched in Lihme there have been several shorter trips with strangers.

We recently wrote about the carpooling app Nabogo launched in Lihme and there have already been 30 registered user of the app and several car-share trips. 

Since the launchSkive municipality has also held a meeting with the locals in late November to present and talk about the app. There where also three local residents selected to be ambassadors for the app during the meeting, where all three have extensive network in town. The ambassadors will help to promote the app in Lihme. 

That there have been 30 users on the app and several trips is much encouring since the majority of outreach by the app providers with local business and educational institutions will not start up until after the new year. 

About the app 

The app, Nabogo is for the driver who have spare seats in the car, or residents who wants to have a ride from A to B. Each trip has a small cost for each kilometer driven, which goes directly to the driver. 

The thought behind the carpooling is to create new mobility option for residents in Lhime, and at the same time creating the opportunity to be more environmentally friendly. Instead of having to ride individually there is now a smart system to reduce the queues on the roads, fewer cars lead to lower CO2 emissions, less expenses and the app creates more opportunity to help each other. 

The app is one step for Skive Municipality to create new greener mobility, but also to make the rural areas more attractive for new residents.