Ride with strangers!

11 November 2021 - Published by Philippe Martens
The carpooling app Nabago has just been launched in Lihme as a part of Stronger Combined to create greener mobility in the local area.

In the stronger combined project, Lihme, together with Energibyen Skive, looks precisely at how to make transport in the local area smarter and greener. Where the Naboqo app fits right in.  

Energibyen Skive has partnered with Nabogo to launch the app for the citizens of Lihme so they can help each other get around. 

Nabogo is a carpooling app for the driver who has a vacant seat in the car, or e.g. a student who would like a ride from A to B.  

The app creates new mobility, greener and healthier planet by reducing CO2 emission on the roads.  

During rush hours, nineteen out of twenty cars are only occupied by one person. If more would drive together it would reduce queues on the roads, emit less CO2 and at the same time lower costs.  

Nabago makes it easier for people to help each other and the planet. Read more about the project onNaboGo lanceret i Lihme (energibyenskive.dk)


 Illustrations made by nabogo.