Partner Testimonial - Region Värmland, Sweden

05 March 2020 - Published by Philippe Martens

In Värmland, Region Värmland is the regional public transport authority. Region Värmland is responsible for the strategic development of public transport in Värmland and for procuring traffic operators who drive the traffic; buses, trains and on-demand transport services. The traffic is run under two brands: Värmlandstrafik and Karlstadsbuss. Region Värmland is the main recipient and thus coordinates the implementation of the project. Region Värmland will carry out activities in all work packages in collaboration with other partners; in WP3 by providing transport data, in WP4 by collaborating on innovation processes and in WP5 by exploring new business models in collaboration with public and private service providers together with all partners.

Region Värmland’s efforts in the Stronger combined project will be focused on combined mobility in the rural areas of Fagerås and Arvika.
The idea is that through user driven model design achieve better mobility for the rural area of Fagerås.


In Arvika the focus is on business trips between hospitals in Arvika and the regional capital Karlstad. 
Karlstad central hospital is the most visited destination for Region Värmland’s carpool users with origin at Arvika hospital.



The project therefore aims to promote more sustainable ways of travel than by car.
The new offerings could include piloting an on-demand travel solution, grocery delivery boxes, combined travel available through an app and much more.
Hopefully this will give opportunities for the project to cooperate fruitfully with both private and public organisations.