Travel with the school buses in Värmland

12 April 2022 - Published by Philippe Martens
The 11th of April Region Värmland launched their new service Mixtrafik in the small city Fagerås in Värmland as a part of Stronger Combined. Mixtrafik is a service that offers anyone to book and ride with the school buses in Fagerås.

There has been a request for better public transport on the countryside in Värmland for years and by opening the school buses and letting them be part of the public transport its finally happening. The school buses pass many homes when they go to and from school and with Mixtrafik more can take advantages of the buses.

The project will start in Fagerås a very small city in Värmland, with two school buses connected to the school in Fagerås. Fagerås was chosen to be the first to test Mixtrafik because the school is located close to the train station and several of the regional bus stops. The hope is that Mixtrafik will be able to contribute to a smooth combined mobility with school buses and public transport.

Mixtrafik will be available to the public, however the service will likely be most used by parents who can ride the bus with their children, children who is not school transport eligiblecan ride along with their friends who are.

How it works

To be able to ride with the buses one must first book a seat on a booking page that requires electronic identification. On the booking page it’s possible to see how many seats are available, number of accessible seats depends on how many school children are going to ride with the buses that day. Where the service stems from the school children’s needs for the bus and their school day, because of it the rides also can alter from day to day. With Mixtrafik it is also possible for people to make a booking for their elderly relative and siblings.

Next up

There are plans that Mixtrafik will also be launched in Grums as well, which is another small city in Värmland, though it is a bit larger than Fagerås.