Mixtrafik expands in Värmland

06 May 2022 - Published by Philippe Martens
Recently we told you about Region Värmlands latest pilot called Mixtrafik, the fifth of May the service launched in a second municipality in Värmland. Making it possible for even more people to book and ride with the school busses.


From the launch of Mixtrafik in Grums. On the bus it says "Hospitable school bus - open to all" 

Mixtrafik is a pilot project that test to open up the school buses for the public, Region Värmland has already launched the pilot in mid-April in a small village called Fagerås in Kils municipality, but now Mixtrafik expands to a bigger municipality Grums, where a service like Mixtrafik has long been wanted. 

Since the public transport is not the best in the rural areas of Värmland, Mixtrafik is a smart project that makes it possible for more buses that already traffic the area to be a part of the public transport, so more can take advantage of the school buses that already passes them on a regular basis.

Mixtrafik in Grums will serve two routes in Grums both Borgvik and Värmskog, the routes have many stops, and the school buses passes several roads that the regular buses normally would not.  

How it works 

To be able to ride with the buses one must first book a seat on a booking page that requires electronic identification. On the booking page it’s possible to see how many seats are available, number of vacant seats depends on how many school children are going to ride with the buses that day. The service stems from the school children’s needs for the bus and their school day, because of this the rides also can alter from day to day. With Mixtrafik it is also possible for people to make a booking for their elderly relative and siblings. 

Mixtrafik will be available as long as the school buses are available, the service will be paused during the summer during the summer holidays and then start again in the autumn.