Mixtrafik expands in Värmland

06 May 2022

Recently we told you about Region Värmlands latest pilot called Mixtrafik, the fifth of May the service launched in a second municipality in Värmland. Making it possible for even more people to book a…

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Travel with the school buses in Värmland

12 April 2022

The 11th of April Region Värmland launched their new service Mixtrafik in the small city Fagerås in Värmland as a part of Stronger Combined. Mixtrafik is a service that offers anyone to book and ride …

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Get to know Rise

10 March 2022

Second partner in our mini-interview series is Rise!

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Want to know all about MaaS?

21 February 2022

Read Rise report on MaaS

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Learn more about Skive

15 February 2022

To get a better picture of Stronger Combined we have conducted mini-interviews with each partner and first up is Skive!

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Have you missed the evaluation report of Kortemarks bike sharing system?

11 January 2022

On the 29th of March 2021, the bicycle sharing system in Kortemark was launched. This is part of the Interreg project Stronger Combined and the Flemish Climate Fund.

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1000 bike sharing loans in Värmland

15 December 2021

The bike sharing system in Karlstad and Arvika has been a real successful project. Since the launch in the beginning of September, there has been approximately 1000 loans of the bicycles.

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Several trips have been made with strangers in Lihme

14 December 2021

Normally one does not ride with strangers, but since the carpooling app Nabogo launched in Lihme there have been several shorter trips with strangers.

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Increase in social inclusion of older and disabled people through expanding the use of public transport

18 November 2021

Public Vervoer are right now promoting social inclusion of people with Wmo (social support act)-permit.

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Ride with strangers!

11 November 2021

The carpooling app Nabago has just been launched in Lihme as a part of Stronger Combined to create greener mobility in the local area.

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