Photos and Videos from Stronger Combined


From our Stronger Combined youtube channel and other videos from our projects

Go-Hi Mobility as a Service (MaaS) from HITRANS

Stronger Combined Pilot in Westhoek (BE): Strengthen Village points with a mobility component

Rinteln People´s Bus 

Region Värmlands upcoming pilot, open up school traffic 

Region Värmland bike sharing hubs pilot in Arvika and Karlstad


From Interreg NSR MOVE and Stronger Combined joint conference 


Stronger Combined results conference

1. Technical solutions

2. Mobility hubs with the special role of bike sharing systems

3. Panel discussion - Mobility hubs with the important role of the bike sharing system

4. Interoperability and multimodality in rural, small towns and tourist regions

5. Challenges related to covid-19, panel discussion, marketing to special populations