Stronger Combined is an on-going project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020 within priority 4, green transport & mobility.

Project Summary

Combined Mobility is an emerging strategy to reorganise transport to tackle mobility and sustainability challenges by offering an alternative to private vehicle ownership in sparsely populated areas. It may do so by, for instance, combining mobility and societal services as part of a single, seamless offering that is made available to users via app subscriptions. Stronger Combined (SC) brings the concept from urban to sparsely populated areas and addresses the key challenges of public transport reformation; generic lack of knowledge among political decision-makers, changing service preferences and expectations of rural citizens, and inflexible legal and administrative frameworks of operating transport. Outputs include an open traffic data platform and transnationally validated service concepts for rural combined mobility. These will benefit travelers, private service developers, municipalities and regional public authorities. The beneficiaries apply a transnational approach of three joint processes; open data (WP3), innovation process (WP4) and cooperation platforms (WP5) to address the challenges. The sustainability of the processes is evaluated (WP6) to enable pilot and result measurement, comparability and replication. The homogeneity of the public transport sector in the NSR enables wide uptake of green solutions for regional personal rural transport and ensures measurable long-term impact on rural living standards, mobility patterns and aggregated CO2 emissions.