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Stronger Combined is a project co-funded by the Interreg North Sea Region Programme to reorganise transport to tackle mobility and sustainability challenges by offering an alternative to private vehicle ownership in sparsely populated areas. 



Latest Project News

Combined Mobility in Jotunheimen, Norway

30 June 2020

Throughout the interreg North Sea program "Green transport and mobility" and the project "Stronger Combined" Innlandstrafikk are bringing combined mob…

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Skive Municipality wants to turn commuter transportation in a greener direction.

15 June 2020

The need for efficient mobility is essential for our way of living. In Skive Municipality we are testing green mobility services to complement the tra…

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A 'people’s bus' as a living lab pilot in the city of Rinteln, Germany.

05 June 2020

The city of Rinteln wants to improve the mobility from the different districts of the city to the hospital as a pilot in the Interreg NSR Stronger Com…

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Stronger Combined makes work trips in Region Värmland, Sweden, more sustainable

28 May 2020

You have previously read about the Region Värmland pilot area of Fagerås. This is however not the only pilot that Region Värmland is running as part …

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Citizens of Fagerås planning future Mobility through user tailored innovation process.

28 May 2020

In the small village of Fagerås 8km northwest of the town Kil citizens are invited to contribute to the future of mobility through an innovation proc…

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