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On this page you find all kind of articles, presentations and other documents from the SOILCOM project. On the pages for growers, compost firms and policy makers other relevant information can be found.

Articles & newsletters



Kompost – fokus på hygiejne og slutprodukt, Gartner Tidende 4  2020


Compost op maat voor een duurzame bodem PCS, Sierteelt en Groenvoorziening september 2019

Werken aan bodemvruchtbaarheid is werken aan de toekomst. Document for the open field event of ILVO and VLACO. September 2019.



Delphy beproeft verschillende soorten compost. Greenity, April 2020

Compost opwaarderen voor betere bodemkwaliteit, De Boomkwekerij May 2020

Danish newsletter about compost was published in June 2020 by HortiAdvise Scandinavia in 

Gartner Tidende.

Danish newsletter about compost nr 2 was published in  September 2020 by HortiAdvise Scandinavia, in 

Gartner Tidende.

Danish newsletter about compost nr 3  was published in October 2020 by HortiAdvise Scandinavia, in 

Gartner Tidende.

Compostmengsel op maat kan bodemproblemen voorkomen, De Boomkwekerij, August 2020


Dutch newsletter about compost nr. 1 June 2020


Danish newsletter about compost nr.  6 was published in October 2021 by HortiAdvise Scandinavia, in 

Gartner Tidende.


Danish newsletter about compost nr.  9 was published in December 2021 by HortiAdvise Scandinavia, in 

Gartner Tidende.


Article about improving compost; Forbedret kompostkvalitet, published in Gartner Tidende 8-2022


Article about the use of compost in practise: Brug af kompost i praksis, published in Gartner Tidende 10-2022

Article about the demoday of compost in Denmark, Klogere på kompost, published in Gartner Tidende, 10-2022


Soil Sentinel Scotland

A new newsletter was published in Scotland, last December.  In The Soil Sentinel Kenneth Loades of the James Hutton Institute explained the results from the long term trials with compost. The Soil Sentinel is an initiative from the Healthy Soils for a Green Recovery project (D3-1). Funded by the  Scottish Government within the Strategic Research Programme by The James Hutton Institute and SRUC.

Here this interesting newsletter can be found. 


You tube films

 Activities of ILVO on compost


 Overview of SOILCOM's ambitions on film


End 2019, the advisers of HortiAdvice Scandinavia visited the CMC composting workshop in Austria. See the you tube film, for their experiences. 



Effect of compost on drought tolerance, pot trial 

In Autumn 2020 Margita Hefner explained the pot trial with lettuce and compost application. The objective of the trial was to research the effects on drought and water holding characteristics of compost.  The explanation was recorded:



Online Conference Compost research, production and use, Stadtreinigung Hamburg

In November 2020 our partner, Stadreinigung Hamburg, Organized a very interesting webinar about the use of compost. Different speakers talked about the production and the use of compost from different angles (in German). 




Webinar fertilization in vegetables PSKW

In March 2021, PSKW presented the activities and results of the different trials at their Research Station for Vegetable cultivation in Flanders. The long term trials of Soilcom were part of this webinar. Once in two years greencompost, biowaste compost, champost and since 2020 farm compost is applied in this long term trial.  Both the soil characteristics as also the crop growth is monitored. Joris de Nies of PSKW explained the results in the cultivation of Savoy cabbage. This year beet root is sown and monitored. Webinar in Dutch. 






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