Webinar Kompostnutzung in Landwirtschaft und gartenbau

17 November 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
On the November 9th Stadtreinigung Hamburg and the Landwirtschaftskammer Hamburg organized a very interesting webinar about the different aspects of SOILCOM. Speakers of both organisations, of Ökolanbau Niedersachsen, Aarhus University and Klassmann Deilmann spoke about the project, legislation, use of compost and substitutes for peat.

The SOILCOM partner Stadtreinigung had made a great effort to organize an afternoon webinar about different aspects of compost. It was a nice and complete program about the added value and use of compost in potting plants and agriculture. Margita Hefner of Aarhus University explained the pot trials with lettuce and the measurement of drought resistance in relation to application and use of compost.  

Interesting part of the webinar was also the large need to substitute peat in potting soil and the possibilities of compost. 

Stefan Luebben of the Stadtreinigung Hamburg and Frau Dr. Boisch explained the SOILCOM project and the activities carried out by the Stadreinigung Hamburg. Almost 100 arable farmers and horticultural companies provided information about the use, expectation and future by filling in a question list. 35% of the interviewees feel that the have not enough information to know what to ask for concerning compost. 

Dr. Boisch and Stefan Leubben explained how the process of composting and the quality of compost is increasing. And the big challenge of plastics in the different waste streams. Compost development, quality improvement and application of compost is a current issue in the need of a circulair agriculture.