Visit CMC composting facility

01 May 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
End 2019 our projectpartner Horti Advise Scandinavia joined a course about CMC composting in Austria. In this film the steps of making this compost.

CMC composting is the abbreviation of Controlled Microbial Compost (commonly known as "Luebke compost"). It is a premium-grade, well-humified compost that has been microbially inoculated, aerated, and monitored to ensure high standards of quality.  The CMC method was developed through on-farm and laboratory research by Siegfried and Uta Luebke of Austria.  "Humus management" is a soil management system the Luebkes use in conjunction with CMC compost. 

The films shows the steps to develop this CMC compost.