Visit CMC composting facility

01 May 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
End 2019 our projectpartner Horti Advise Scandinavia joined a course about CMC composting in Austria. In this film the steps of making this compost, made by Horti-Advice.

CMC composting is the abbreviation of Controlled Microbial Compost (commonly known as "Luebke compost"). It is a premium-grade, well-humified compost that has been microbially inoculated, aerated, and monitored to ensure high standards of quality.  The CMC method was developed through on-farm and laboratory research by Siegfried and Uta Luebke of Austria.  "Humus management" is a soil management system the Luebkes use in conjunction with CMC compost. 

The films shows the steps to develop this CMC compost.