Trial compost in rootstock cultivation is proceeding

22 April 2022 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen

Written by Esther Hessel.

Last year a trial started with the use of compost in the rootstock cultivation of apples. Till now peat is used in the stool beds. But there is a trend towards peat free cultivation. To be prepared for a future with less or no peat, in this trial peat was substituted by compost, in different percentages. And bokashi.  Different amounts and combinations with compost were applied to research the development of the rootstocks on the mother beds. During the season of 2021 crop growth was measured. In the winter 2021-2022 the rootstocks were selected looking at size and root development.  Last week the people of the Province of Flevoland, Delphy, Smeets Agroconsultancy, Hessel and Fruittree grower Blok talked about the first results and the plans for 2022.