Specification of activities SOILCOM; project meeting Denmark

18 January 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Written by Esther Hessel. End of September 2019 the project partners of SOILCOM specified the activities in the different workpackages. In the workshops and the meeting we made large steps in specifying the activities and the cooperation. We finished this two day meeting by visiting the Klintholm compost facility. And the first compost trials of Aarhus University.

The goal of the two day meeting was to design and sharpen the activities for the coming years. Because of this interesting cooperation within the SOILCOM project we are able to:

  • Set up activities to educate and inform growers in the different countries about soil improvement and the use of specific composts for specific soils and soil bound problems. Thinking about field days, demonstrations and webbinars;
  • Develop scientific trials to gather knowledge about the microbiome in relation to the use of composts. And the effects of compost on crop growth. Using new techniques like next generation sequencing and RNA sequencing.
  • Gain information about waste streams, the process of composting and the end results 
  • Develop a set of useful and reliable quality indicators for compost. Which can be used to advise compost firms. End 2019 the first analyses of compost from the participating countries are carried out to have a good starting point. At the same time growers are learned to use and ask for the right quality indicators when buying compost.  
  • Organize meetings for and and contact local and Brussels policy makers. Part of the activities of Workpackage 7 are  about informing policymakers about the experiences and results of the SOILCOM project. 




 Compost trials Aarhus University

The partners from Aarhus University started a semi pot trial. At the end of the two day meeting we visited the trial. More information about the trial and the results can be found in the e-mail newsletters of SOILCOM and on this website.