Local wastestreams used for compost in public green space

23 August 2022 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Written by Esther Hessel.

This year cities were engaged with the Soilcom project. Compost is very usefull in the public green space. Soil and planting conditions are often not optimal in these locations. The idea of the city of Lelystad and their greenkeeper was to improve a bed with Prunus and birch by application of a tailor made compost. Smeets Agroconsultancy and Delphy made a receipe for this tailor made compost based on the results of a soil sample. The compost used, was made of the householt waste streams of Lelystad. Using these local waste streams fits perfectly in the thought of a circular economy! The compost was applied as a mulch layer under the trees. 


Impact compost in dry years

Especially this summer, the added value of using compost in public green space, can be seen. At first sight, the trees in the compost area are in a better condition than the same trees in the not treated part. The treated trees suffer less from the drought and the first results are promising! A good start to increase the use of local compost in public green space.