Fruittree growers Flevoland dive into organic matter and compost

05 May 2021 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Written by Esther Hessel.

Last year a group of fruit tree growers in de Province of Flevoland started with the SOILCOM project. The coming two years they will learn about the possibilities of compost in their cultivation and on their soil. The growers are located on new land, in an area where eighty years ago there was only sea. The soils are characterized as clay. And they used to be the most fertile soils of the Netherlands. Nowadays growers in this area face large challenges with soil structure and fertility.

In the SOILCOM project, the growers will be informed about the possibilities of organic matter and compost. How to recognise good compost and the advantages of applying on their field. Two of the growers of the group will also apply compost and other organic materials to increase the organic matter content in fruit trees and stoolbeds. The tests will be monitored, on the effect of the compost on soil life, soil structure and crop growth. 


Photo: Frans Rijk