Flemish ornamental growers are interested in compost

09 February 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Written by PCS. On the 17th of October PCS Destelbergen organized a meeting for horticultural growers and stakeholders in the horticulture.  Subject of the meeting was 're-use of nutrients'.

The 30 visitors viewed various tests and demonstrations to illustrate the application and use of compost, and the effect on soil improvement, crop health and productivity. Various presentations were given about the Soilcom project, compost use and the current Belgian / Flemish legislation on making and applying compost. Within the framework of Soilcom, a survey was conducted from various growers, so that the researchers can draw up a baseline of the current knowledge and use of compost among the growers. This survey revealed that compost use by Flemish ornamental plant growers is rather moderate, mainly due to a lack of practical knowledge. A major difficulty in floriculture is the very large variation within the assortment, and therefore the many different requirements of the variety of plant species. Through the tests that will be carried out within the Soilcom project, we hope to be able to gain and disseminate practical knowledge here.