Dutch growers are allowed to use more compost

25 January 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Written by Wilco Dorresteijn, Delphy. In the Netherlands, the amount of compost that growers in the Netherlands are allowed to use is limited by manure rules. The amount of phosphate in the soil determines the limit.

With a high phosphate content of the soil, less phosphate may be applied. The rules have been changed this year (2020).If the soil's phosphate status is high, a grower may use extra 5 kilograms of phosphate per hectare when he uses compost or straw-rich manure for increasing the organic matter in the soil.

Good news for the SOILCOM project! This project will involve research/extension centers, compost and horticultural producers and regional authorities in five North Sea Regions to align with local, regional, and trans-European needs and barriers. Eventually, SOILCOM will transform ‘waste’ to ‘resource’, supporting EU policy on circular economy and increasing carbon storage, water and nutrient use efficiency, productivity of horticultural and compost enterprises, and reducing pesticide use.


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