Developing a blueprint for local on farm composting

28 October 2020 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Within Workpackage 5, ‘Compost production and quality Indicators’ of the SOILCOM project, PSKW developed a blueprint for local small-scale composting initiatives. Small-scale composting techniques will be demonstrated. The objective is to start a local network around the on farm composting. Partnerships between different types of farms, trade and processing companies and public authorities will be installed. They will work together in obtaining and delivering the different inputs to produce a local quality compost.

Last week the SOILCOM participants involved in this workpackage discussed the first concept of the blueprint. The blueprint includes the following topics:

  • Preparation: finding out the applicable legislation and demands for registration;
  • Equipment and the composting process;
  • Transport and storage of input materials
  • Setting up the compost heap and monitoring the process;
  • Certification

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