Delphy and bulb growers are studying composting bulb pore

15 April 2021 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Delphy, the Dutch Soilcom partner, started a study group with bulb growers. To exchange experiences around different compost trials.


One of the main topics is composting bulb pore. Growers have a lot of bulbpore from infected bulbs and waste from peeling the bulbs. This pore can be used after composting. However, bulb growers are still scared of using compost made from bulb pore on their fields, because of possible existence of diseases.

Delphy and the bulbgrowers started a demo trial, to investigate this composted bulbpore and the effects on crops and soil.  Bulbpore from tulip, hyacinth and zantedeschia waste was tested for diseases with a DNA scan before and after composting.

Delphy also started a demo trial at her Research Centre, using normal composts and composted bulbpore in tulips and hyacinth. The study group will be visiting these trials during cultivation to observe the growth and crop quality. After harvesting the yield will be determined.