Compost as peat substitute

10 January 2023 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen
Already some years the use of peat as material for pots and openfield cultivation is discussed. It is clear that the possibilities of using peat are ending. More and more countries and companies stop using and buying peat. The trials in SOILCOM provide more insight in suitable alternatives for peat.

Both PCS and Delphy started some trials for peat substituting in containers and open field cultivation of rootstocks. Peat has some specific characteristics, like low pH and a specific bulk density. That is why peat resulted in optimal rooting in containers and root stocks. Now it is the challenge to find a combination of substrates, resulting in the same rooting and plant growth. 

End of 2022, PCS and Delphy showed interested growers the first results of the trials. Next months more information can be found on the website.