Blueprint for starting a local composting network

12 September 2022 - Published by Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen

PSKW, The Research Centre for Vegetable Production in Sint-katelijne-waver (Belgium), developed a Blueprint for starting a local composting network. The blueprint is the result of a pilot with this local composting network in Sint-katelijne-waver.  The blueprint contains tips and advice about how to start a local composting network with two or three farmers. The farmers can work together in collecting input streams for composting on one of the farms. In the cooperation the different companies deliver their own green or braun material as input for the composting process. In most cases a farmer or grower is only producing green material (for example material from greenhouses or vegetable production) or braun material (for example from a tree nursery or coming from clippings along waterways) as input stream. The green material from vegetable growers and greenhouses contains a high water content and is important for nitrogen delivery. The braun material, straw, woodchips and clippings, gives structure to the compost.

The blueprint gives a complete picture of things that need to be taken into account, when producing local compost. Collecting waste streams, the composting process and hygienisation, infrastructure and machinery, quality control of the process and end product and the relevant legislation for this local composting activity are part of the blueprint. VLACO and PSKW are working on an overview of national legal frameworks that apply in the different participating countries.    

At this moment the blueprint is still in Dutch. PSKW is now working on an English version. Download Dutch version.