Soil sampling at agricultural sites Germany

11 June 2021

Written by Ina Körner.

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Test your knowledge about compost!

14 May 2021

Published by Vlaco.

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Demonstration compost turner

14 May 2021

Published by ILVO.

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Webinar Ilex verticillata

05 May 2021

Published by Delphy.

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Delphy and bulb growers are studying composting bulb pore

15 April 2021

Delphy, the Dutch Soilcom partner, started a study group with bulb growers. To exchange experiences around different compost trials.

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Demo with different potting soil compositions

02 April 2021

Delphy has started a demo with different potting soil compositions in pots.

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Use of compost in potato

19 February 2021

On the 9th of February our partner, PCA organized an interesting webinar about soil, fertilisation and water in potatoes. One of the subjects was the use and effects of compost in potato cultivation.…

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Report: Hygienisation requirements for composting

03 February 2021

Our Soilcom partner Vlaco developed a document about the hygienisation requirements for composting. In the composting process, the step of hygienisation is by far the most important step to obtain an…

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