Compost trials in forestry and coleslaw

13 October 2021

In 2021, the Soilcom partner Hortiadvise Scandinavia, started two trials with compost. 

The first one was carried out at Johansen Plantenskole, a nursery with seedlings of forestry and shrubs.  In…

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Dutch nursery growers visit Soilcom trials

13 October 2021


On the 24th of September Delphy organised a field day at her Research Nursery. 120 growers visited the Soilcom compost trails. There was an explanation of the Soilcom project and the added value…

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Great interest in compost and vegetables at Aarhus Food Week 2021

12 September 2021

Researchers from the Department of Food Science at Aarhus University participated in Aarhus Food Week 2021 in August. <>

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Soilcom presented on GrowingMedia2021

30 August 2021

Last week Fien Amery presented SOILCOM at the Growing Media congres in Belgium. She showed the visitors the relationship between different compost indicators. And the relation between the characteris…

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Use of compost in treenurseries

28 July 2021

PCS, the Trial Centre for horticulture, and VLACO organized an interesting evening for treenurseries.

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Long term trials in SOILCOM extensive source of information

27 July 2021

The partners in SOILCOM are already some years active in long term trials with compost. Also within this project they will follow these long term trials. And will bring together the different experien…

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Composting firms visit trials with compost on location of Delphy

15 July 2021

In June 3 compost firms, Orgapower, Van Iersel Compost and Wagro, and a representative of the Dutch Association of Biowaste processors (BVOR) visited the trials at the Trial location of Delphy in Bos…

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Conversation between fruittree growers and Janssen Wijhe

29 June 2021

Last week, one of the study groups in the SOILCOM project visited the composting location of Janssen Wijhe in the Netherlands. In the study group, fruittree growers are obtaining knowledge about organ…

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Webinar about Dutch compost trials for Danish growers

28 June 2021

End of June Hortiadvice Scandiavia organized a webinar for their growers. Rene van Tol of Delphy, the Dutch partner of Soilcom, explained the different demo's  on their trial location in Boskoop. The…

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Survey on compost application in agriculture

11 June 2021


An inventory regarding the application of compost and the demands on quality compost was carried out for the German Northsea Region. The general questionnaire developed by the SOILCOM team was …

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