Expanding Bioresource Insights with the Bioresource Information Tool (BRIT)

28 June 2023

Phillipp Lüssenhop, Steffen Walk, Ina Körner, TUHH, May 2023. The Bioresource Management group at the Hamburg University of Technology (TUHH) has evaluated bio-waste collection systems across SOILC…

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Compost tea as leaf application on winter cereals

28 June 2023

28 June 2023,  Written by Maarten De Boever and Koen Willekens (ILVO)


The extension of the Soilcom project with compost tea is interesting because of the direct relation with compost. D…

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Next week: International Compost Awareness Week (ICAW) 2023

06 May 2023

Written by Vlaco and Esther Hessel

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Different standards for impurities in compost

01 May 2023

Written by Elke Vandaele, Wim vanden Auweele and Esther Hessel. In this article we give some examples of standards for impurities on EU or country level.

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Presentation SOILCOM in Ramiran 2023

06 April 2023

Written by Fien Amery, ILVO. Recycling of Agricultural, Municipal and Industrial Residues in Agriculture Network (RAMIRAN) is a research and expertise network to improve nutrient utilisation and mi…

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New rules for phosphate in compost Netherlands

10 March 2023

On 14 February 2023 the Dutch Goverment published the new regulations concerning phosphate in compost. To stimulate the use of compost.

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SOILCOM results presented at RAMIRAN 2023

03 February 2023

From 12-14 September, the results of the SOILCOM project will be presented at the RAMIRAN Conference in Cambridge, UK.

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Compost as peat substitute

10 January 2023

Already some years the use of peat as material for pots and openfield cultivation is discussed. It is clear that the possibilities of using peat are ending. More and more countries and companies stop …

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Compost in fruit trees and rootstocks

05 December 2022

Published by Esther Hessel, Smeets Agroconsultancy and Delphy. In the Province of Flevoland two fruittree- en rootstockgrowers added compost in their fields. To see the added value of compost in g…

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