Webinar ‘Increasing possibilities for compost production and use', June 15, 14-16h

Event duration: 2 hours
Venue: Online by teams

The SOILCOM project invites you for the webinar ‘Increasing possibilities for compost production and use'.

The past 4 years, the SOILCOM partners have investigated on the production of tailormade compost for specific soils and applications. More than 60 composts were analysed and characterized. And extensive knowledge is obtained about composts and the added value of compost applications for soils and cultivations. It is clear that compost application has many benefits:

  • Increased soil health; researchers in the SOILCOM project have seen an increase in soil life and biodiversity as well as an increased organic matter content.
  • The long term use of compost lead to an increase in yield of different crops: arable crops, vegetable and horticultural crops;
  • Optimizing soils by compost application is also the basis for crop health, with the possibility to decrease the use of pesticides and inorganic fertilizers.
  • Increase of water holding capacity and improvement of soil structure, important in both periods with a significant rainfall deficit and extreme showers. Compost offers a significant answer to climate change mitigation.

These benefits stand or fall with good composting practices. In this webinar, the SOILCOM partners will show the results of optimized compost production and the beneficial effects of compost application. The SOILCOM partners like to discuss with you as policy makers the possible actions for soil improvement by increasing use of good quality compost. 



14.00   Introduction of the program and household announcements by Esther Hessel, Hessel Marketing & Communication

14.10:  Introduction of the project and its objectives; overview of the results of SOILCOM. Hanne Lakkenborg Kristensen, Arhus University and project leader of SOILCOM.

14.30: Compost production and process optimalisations. Bringing feedstocks together in optimized compost processes, leading to quality end products. By Koen Willekens, ILVO.  

14.50: Characterization of feedstocks and end products. Analysis of 56 composts gives practical tools for decision making in composting processes and use of tailor made compost.  By Fien Amery, ILVO.

15.10: Quality assurance and certification of tailormade compost and advise for policy makers. Wim Vanden Auweele, VLACO and Chair of Quality Assurance Technical Working Group of ECN.

15.30: Questions and discussion on the way forward for compost use and policy.

16.00: End of meeting



The SOILCOM partners like to catch up with you about the results of the project and the possibilities and challenges of compost. Therefore we warmly invite you for the webinar. Interested? Than please click on this link for registration. Or send an email to