Webinar fertilization research in openground vegetables

Event duration: 1,5 H
Venue: Online webinar
PSKW is organizing a very interesting webinar on the 8th of March. Subjects are small scale composting, the long term effects of compost use, combining optimal yields with less N-residue and fertilisation in the new season.

PSKW gained first experiences with small scale composting by local partnerships. Vegetable growers, Natuurpunt and tree nurseries were motivated to bring their waste streams to PSKW and to make their own compost. At PSKW the process, monitoring and the legal aspects of making compost were explained.  The SOILCOM project and the added value of compost on the long term will be explained also. 

In the demonstration project Vegetables-N-Advice some top fields are monitored. Objective is to have optimal yields and quality with less N residue. 

In the last introduction speakers will talk about fertilisation in the season 2021.

Interested to join the webinar? Take a look at: https://www.proefstation.be/event/webinar-bemestingsonderzoek-in-vollegrondsgroenten