Study evening potato - soil, fertilisation and water

Event duration: 2 hours
Venue: Online by teams
On the 9th of February our partner, PCA, is organizing an interesting webinar about soil, fertilisation and water in potatoes. One of the subjects is the added value of compost in potato cultivation. The online meeting is in Dutch.

This evening an interesting programm about different aspects in the cultivation of potatoes is offerd. 

-  New maps region plus fertilization register (Mark Wulfrancke, ABS)
-  Current soil fertility of our potato fields (Jan Bries, BDB)
-  Dose, advice and uptake (Jill Dillen, BDB)
-  Fertilization in rows (Veerle De Blauwer, Inagro)
-  Possibilities of drip irrigation (Stany Vandermoere, PCA)
-  Dealing with variation of soil fertility within a field (Davy Vandervelpen, BDB)
-  Added value of compost use (Stany, Vandermoere, PCA)
-  Calculation tool costing of fertigation (Elise Vandewoestijne, PCG)


Participation is free, but subscribtion is obligated. See: