Compost on the 'Eko Market day', Aarup (Denmark)

Event duration: From 9.00 - 20.00H
Venue: Erholm Fødevaremarked, Karen Borchenfeldtsvej 2, 5560 Aarup (Denmark)
On June 15th, growers, life stock farmers and others interested in eko farming are welcome in Aarup. A day full of demonstations, talks and machinery. We also dive into compost!

Growers, people with livestock and other interested are welcome on this 'eko' marketday. A day full of demonstrations, talks and machinery. But also information about compost is presented.  You will find HortiAdvice Scandinavia in the horticulture cluster for a good talk about compost and compost quality. We are bringing different types of compost and will invite you to look into the world of compost:

  • simple assessment of compost
  • The properties of the composts
  • How to ensure a good compost and
  • Look for microorganisms in the compost, by microscope.

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