Welkom on the SOILCOM website. SOILCOM is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Program. 

The agricultural soil quality is decreasing across Europe. However, resilient and high quality soils are the most important starting point for a healthy cultivation. Soil degradation also increases environmental eutrophication and green house gas emissions. 

Increases of Soil Organic Matter mitigate this soil degradation by enhancing soil biodiversity, reducing soil erosion and compaction. And delivering soil functions of for example water storage and waterfiltering, nutrient retention. And thus supporting healthy crops. 

SOILCOM partners have seen that there is fragmented knowledge on how to increase SOM trough the use of compost, derived from biological waste. Moreover this knowledge is not being adopted by growers due to low availability of quality composts and the lack of awareness and willingness to solve problems of low quality soils by horticultural growers. 

To respond to this current situation the overall objective of SOILCOM is to provide the NSR authorities involved in biological waste, compost and water management with tools to regulate and administer the sector. We will also provide NSR practitioners involved in compost production and use with tools to develop and implement new quality compost products for specific uses, as economically and environmentally effective soil improvers. 

The long term effect of SOILCOM is to preserve and protect the environment by having positive impacts on soil quality, system resilience, soil carbon storage and reduced pesticide use. 




Find out more about the SOILCOM project? Look at this you tube film with an overview of the SOILCOM activities.




Latest Project News

Composting firms visit trials with compost on location of Delphy

15 July 2021

In June 3 compost firms, Orgapower, Van Iersel Compost and Wagro, and a representative of the Dutch Association of Biowaste processors (BVOR) visited…

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Conversation between fruittree growers and Janssen Wijhe

29 June 2021

Last week, one of the study groups in the SOILCOM project visited the composting location of Janssen Wijhe in the Netherlands. In the study group, fru…

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Webinar about Dutch compost trials for Danish growers

28 June 2021

End of June Hortiadvice Scandiavia organized a webinar for their growers. Rene van Tol of Delphy, the Dutch partner of Soilcom, explained the differe…

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Survey on compost application in agriculture

11 June 2021


An inventory regarding the application of compost and the demands on quality compost was carried out for the German Northsea Region. The general…

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Soil sampling at agricultural sites Germany

11 June 2021

In March 2021, a field monitoring was initiated by TUHH at the composting sites of agricultural farms Struck and Bernstorff. They are currently assoc…

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