About SmartGreen


Greenhouse production of fresh fruit, vegetables and ornamentals is a successful, innovative component of the NSR economy with an output of €9 bn p.a. and directly employing >500.000 persons. It embraces >10,000 SMEs with a high value supply chain. It helps provide sustainable and healthy food to consumers. However, the producers in the NSR are facing challenges, such as high reliance on energy (CO2 output >6.6MT), water and a low use of renewable energy. Eco-innovations in new or improved control methods/services is needed to reduce the use of resources (energy, water and chemicals) and to decrease the CO2 emission. SMARTGREEN will use novel Big Data analysis of climate and production data to pinpoint unnecessary energy use and to improve the climate control. This will combined with research and practical demonstrations in commercial greenhouses secure a leap towards a greener and energy efficient production system. SMARTGREEN connects experienced research groups, leading SMEs and supporting companies to promote the greening of the NSR. By fostering innovative eco-enterprises, we can ensure greener growth, whilst reducing the environmental foot print significantly: less pollution, lower emissions and longer-lasting use of resources such as 15% less energy use and 10% higher energy effeciency. The transnational nature of SMARTGREEN will stimulate the development and adoption of eco-friendly and low-carbon products, green services and processes in NSR greenhouse industry.