Welcome to SMARTGREEN's webspace. SMARTGREEN is a project co-funded by the North Sea Region Programme 2014 - 2020.

SMARTGREEN puts the spotlight on reducing energy consumption in greenhouse production of fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants in the North Sea Region without compromising quality.

It might be that fruit, vegetables and ornamental plants are green – but production of them is not always as green as you could wish for. In North Europe, a great deal of energy is used for lighting, heating and climate control in greenhouses.

This will be improved with the aid of a new project in the North Sea Region that focuses on reducing energy consumption and improving climate control. SmartGreen collaborate with growers in the various countries around the North  Sea to combine research and experiments for the improvement of energy efficiency and reduction of energy consumption while maintaining product quality.

Latest Project News

Symposium Greenhouse Horticulture on possible energy actions

05 September 2022

The current energy issue is an all-important theme for our greenhouse growers. For this reason, the Interreg project 'Smartgreen' organized, in cooper…

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Network event LED light

24 November 2021

On 17/09/21 a network event was held at the research station for ornamental plants in Destelbergen (Belgium). With the topic "LED and light in agri- a…

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Creating Data-Driven Ontologies An Agriculture Use Case

30 July 2020

Combining various, heterogeneous data sources is a challenge, because data from different sources usually have different syntax and semantics. This al…

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PCS Ornamental Plant Research in Belgium invests in closed multilayer growing system

18 February 2020

PCS Ornamental Plant Research helps growers to investigate how to grow in closed multilayer systems using LEDs. The first trials started in collaborat…

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Aarhus University - Food recently moved into state of the art new greenhouses in AgrofoodPark near Aarhus.

18 February 2020

Aarhus University moved the Department of Food Science from Foulum and Aarslev to Agro Food Park in Skejby in order strengthen interaction with the fo…

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