What if social profit and profit join forces...?

08 January 2018 - Published by Hans Ryckebusch
More than 60 people from social profit organisations, businesses and research and education centers attended the symposium on integrated cooperation in the healthcare economy, on Thursday 9 November at the KULeuven in Bruges (BE).

As an introduction to the session, Inge Taillieu explained the ambitions of the Factory for the Future Healthcare Economy. Hanneke Molema (TNO) and Johan Bruneel (KULAK) subsequently discussed the building blocks of innovation in regional healthcare ecosystems and the importance of 'governance' in setting up partnerships between social profit and profit.

After these academic insights, Guido Veys (MILCOBEL) gave a testimony about the radical change of an organizational structure when setting new business models. Finally, Carine Boonen (Flanders' Care) gave a concluding speech in which she presented 5 pilot projects from the healthcare sector that have worked on setting up a business model to meet a specific need in healthcare.


The presentations and pictures of this symposium are available on this website (in Dutch).

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Dominique Bogaert
Project Co-ordinator SHINE