Policy recommendations and implications for practice

29 April 2019 - Published by Hans Ryckebusch
The report presented below holds 6 recommendations and implications for practice to push cross-sector co-operation in the healthcare economy.

In this report, the researchers from KU Leuven (KULAK) present new insights on topics like:

  • the importance of an entrepreneurial mindset n the healthcare economy
  • government policy as facilitator of partnership formation between healthcare organizations and companies
  • the need for a technology transfer office
  • a hybrid governance in healthcare organizations
  • ... 

Each of these recommendations are illustrated with specific examples from the Belgian, Dutch and Scottish case that were monitored during the SHINE project.

Authors: Prof. Dr. Johan Bruneel and Stephan Weemaes (KULAK) - April 2019


More information on how to guide companies, healthcare organisations and other stakeholders involved in the ecosystem of the healthcare economy to create shared value by improving collaboration and setting up integrated business models can be found on this online tool.